“I design with my hands, my mind and my heart. It is very important to feel for the materials – they guide you in the process. The process of moulding the shape of an object is like creating a sculpture. I like to challenge the conventional shapes and materials, and to create something unexpected.

The concept behind the work is very important. Whilst there is only a very fine line between art and design, an important feature of a product is functionality.

My philosophy is that one should not create anything wasteful into this world. The designs have to be lasting in both their style and material, so that they may remain in use for several years, a lifetime and more in the best case.

Given that I create unusual shapes out of unusual materials I often have to also create the manufacturing process for the products. Thus, it is natural for me to know the entire manufacturing process personally.

Nature has been the starting point of my designs, for both inspiration and as a source for materials. It is a relationship of respect and co-operation. It is important to recognize the heritage we yield from, yet to live knowingly in the modern cosmopolitan world…

…where hopefully, there is still room for believing in a little bit of magic.”

Marita Huurinainen graduated as a Master of Arts from Helsinki University of Art and Design (Aalto University) in 2006. She also studied in Musashino Art University in Tokio and at the Universiy of St.Petersburg. Prior to launching her own brand in 2013 she has been working as a designer and concept leader in various fashion companies, such as Marimekko, the best known fashion house from Finland.

Marita Huurinainen has received awards such as: The Ornamo Design Award for The Best Design Product of the Year and the Baltic Design Award for Experimental Fashion. One of her dress designs “Emo” (=Mother) has been recently redeemed by the Museum of Nordic Heritage in the United States.