Marita Huurinainen is a fashion brand with a truly unique Finnish DNA. The company’s products, that include high quality clothing, accessories and shoes, are sold by stockists in over ten countries, in addition to Finland, where the company operates its own store in Helsinki.

The company works in close cooperation with its suppliers in the production process. A large part of the production and materials are sourced from Finland. The rest of the production process is carried out within the EU, where the company has often developed the production process together with its local partners. This close cooperation ensures both, the highest quality control and traceability of the production.

As a company we aim to operate by the following principles.


Our interaction with customers, suppliers and other partners is always guided by the principle of fairness. If you want to be treated fair, you need to treat others fair as well.

Ethics & sustainability

As a company we aim to do good, and abide to the highest principles of ethics. This is why in our sourcing of animal-based materials we make sure that the animals have not suffered for the purpose of fashion. We believe in the principle of giving and taking and everybody’s responsibility for its actions.


As a company we try our best to have a positive impact. Everything what we do is done for a purpose.  We take pride in what we do, because we do it out of full conviction. And we want you to wear our products also with pride.